Friday, January 13, 2017

NEW King Range Individual Wilderness Permit Requirement

The Bureau of Land Management will require permits for overnight use in the King Range Wilderness, part of the King Range National Conservation Area on northern California’s Lost Coast, beginning Jan. 9, 2017.   The requirement will not affect day-use visitors or campgrounds outside the wilderness area.

The permit system will limit the number of people entering the King Range Wilderness for overnight use to 60 entries per day during the peak season of May 15-Sept. 15, and 30 entries per day during the non-peak season of Sept. 16-May14.

Starting Jan. 9, 2017, King Range visitors can visit to book their overnight permits. Permits will cost $6 per group.  Visitors can also purchase permits by visiting the King Range office in Whitethorn. 

The new permitting requirement will help the BLM manage the number of visitors, preserving the wilderness experience of solitude.  Overnight use has increased by more than 150 percent since the King Range Wilderness was designated in 2006, from 3,300 overnight visitors to more than 9,500 in 2015.   Visitor days (number of visitors multiplied by the number of days they stay) have increased from 12,400 to 34,400 in the same time.

“The new permit system will help meet the intent of the Wilderness Act by reducing overcrowding,” said Molly Brown, BLM Arcata field manager. “Current use levels have negatively impacted the wilderness character of the King Range Wilderness, particularly along the Lost Coast Trail.”

The BLM decided to put the permit system in place after receiving extensive public input over more than a decade as part of the King Range National Conservation Area Resource Management Plan and the King Range Wilderness Management Plan. 

Additional information regarding the permit and management plans are available online at (insert address); by  request to the BLM-Arcata Field Office, (707) 825-2300; or request to the King Range Office, PO Drawer 189, Whitethorn, CA  95589,  (707) 986-5400;  or by sending an email request to CA338@BLM.GOV.


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