Friday, March 11, 2016

Meet Fiona Maclean

Fiona is an illustrator, animator and naturalist and is a frequent visitor to the King Range National Conservation Area.

She is currently working on a project she calls the Big Year Drawn. In her own words:

In 2016 I am participating in a Big Year. A birding event that runs the calendar year in which every bino-strapped, feather-loving, bird-nerd who cares to tallies up the number of species they see and hear. I'm adding an element.  I'm illustrating each species I see.
So far the project has gotten me outside, inspired a few others to take up drawing again for themselves, and engendered conversations and comments around our experiences outside.
I'd love for any and all who are interested to join the conversation, follow along, and share you own experiences or drawings.
Most of that happens at but you can also check out my Big Year blog. ('m a far less prolific writer, but I do have fun writing and I hope you have fun reading.

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