Thursday, April 9, 2015

What's Blooming? Guest Post From The Lost Coast Interpretive Association

Wildflowers are blooming in the high elevations of the King Range. They are spectacular and so are the views! These plants love the rocky, well-drained soil that is characteristic of the King Range. One great place to find them is just down the western slope from the top of Queen Peak (about 2 miles up Paradise Ridge Road). While you’re there, don’t forget to look up! From Queen Peak you can see King Peak, Big Flat and the mountains to the east.

California blue blossom, a low growing species of Ceanothus, steals the show with its clusters of tiny dark blue flowers. Coast whitethorn, another species of Ceanothus, is just starting to show its creamy white flowers. Both shrubs are abuzz with insects busily pollinating the flowers.

Also blooming is monkeyflower with its orange blooms.

Blue witch, a relative of potatos and tomatos, has light purple flowers and yellow centers.  

Also thriving is California milkwort, a small delicate looking plant that has deep pink flowers, and yerba santa with its pale purple flowers.

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  1. I wanted to get advice on hiking the entire north-south lost coast trail. I wanted to see about how long this would take carrying a full pack (Approx 50lbs) and hiking a little faster then an average pace.
    Also I wanted to see if it was possible to leave cars at both the south and north parts of the trailhead for several days (is that legal? Is there frequent vandalism?)