Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thank the SCA

The Student Conservation Association (SCA) has spent 40 days throughout this summer in the blistering heat and the pooring rain maintaining the trails that you walk on here in the King Range. In short, they used a crosscut saw to clear over 123 trees off the trail, installed 200 feet of cribwall on the lower section of Rattlesnake Ridge Trail (in the picture above), cleared 18 miles of brush and vegetation, dismantled 35 driftwood shelters (see my previous post about driftwood shelters and why they don’t fit with Wilderness values), and converted 8800 square feet of two track trail into single track. If it weren’t for the hard work of the SCA our trails in the King Range would not look as great as they do. We thank them and hope you do too if you ever see them around.

Your Wilderness Ranger,

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  1. Paul - sorry to say, we did not meet you on our LC trek. However, we did enjoy meeting Brianna and Thomas (volunteer).

    Here is a report of our report about:

    Loquacious Lost Coast & Sinkyone Sampler:
    Soliphilia on the Lost Coast
    June 23-27, 2011

    have fun, WV