Monday, May 23, 2011

The summer season has started!

Hello, my name is Brianna. I am one of seasonal backcountry rangers starting my season today. This will be my third season working for the BLM here in the King Range. I am excited to see what has changed since last summer as well as seeing some familiar places again. A little about me, I attend Humboldt State University with a major in Natural Resources Interpretation, I have a cat who loves to go camping, though you won’t see her on the trail with me and today is my birthday.

Trent is also joining me this summer. It is his second season working as a backcountry ranger. He will also be working part-time with Nick’s Interns. Nick was a student in the local high school who was passionate about habitat restoration. His parents started this program, Nick’s Interns, in his memory in an attempt to introduce high school aged kids to a variety of restoration jobs. They work with the local community during the summer learning about the environment. Trent also attends HSU with a major in Rangeland Ecology. A little about Trent, he usually backpacks with his German Sheppard, Reef, he enjoys surfing the west coast and is a very talented banjo picker.

Happy trails and hope to see you out there!
Brianna, your seasonal backcountry ranger

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